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The Gimi Card, a unique card for children and young adults

The Gimi Card is a prepaid Mastercard® developed for children and young adults in order for them to manage real money and prepare themselves for life’s financial challenges. The card includes everyone under the age of 18* in our cashless society, with the app as a constant companion.

Adapted for the entire family

The Gimi app has given children and young adults a tool that motivates them to save money, do their chores and talk about money with their parents. The Gimi Card is an easy alternative when its time to start to managing real money while parents stay in control.

🔔Notifications when the card is used

📊Keep track of purchase history & purchase categories

💭Follow savings goals in real-time

💸Direct or scheduled money transfers

🔒Block/unblock online purchases

⛔Inappropriate vendors are automatically blocked

“Children don’t want to nag or borrow their parent's card, they want to take responsibility for their own finances. We don’t want to just give them a card that allows them to spend their own money, we want to teach them how to be smart consumers.” - Philip Haglund, CEO and founder

Order in the app

When your child is ready for their own Gimi Card, you can order one easily in the app. Upgrade their account to Gimi Master and pick a subscription in your settings.

  1. Open your app and go to Settings
  2. Choose which child you want to order the card for and tap “Subscription”
  3. Tap “Get Master” and buy the subscription through the App Store or Play Store
  4. Tap the “Order Card” button and follow the instructions
  5. You can pick a monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription plan

Barclays and Mastercard

Gimi works with Barclays and Mastercard to provide all services for the Gimi Card. The card is a prepaid Mastercard and can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted. The money that is transferred to the card is safely handled by Barclays Bank. If anything were to happen to Gimi the money will remain and the card will still be in service.

Are you ready for smarter pocket money?