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Financial Superskills for life®

Teaching children about money

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Smarter pocket money

Like a piggy bank, but smarter. Gimi is a financial app that children and young people use together with their parents (and their personal advisor, Piggy). The app is a helpful tool that teaches them Financial Superskills as they learn how to manage money. Gimi was developed together with psychologists, financial experts and educators in order to prepare the next generation for all of life's financial challenges that lie ahead!

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Pocket money on autopilot

Forget about mad dashes to the nearest ATM, as a parent you use Gimi to schedule pocket money. Keep track of how much the child has earned, help them set money aside and never miss paying out pocket money again.

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Easier & more fun chores

Motivate children to do more chores and develop their ability to take initiatives. Ask for picture proof, schedule recurring chores and approve or reject suggested chores.

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The whole family

Everyone family member can contribute, with Christmas and birthday money or by setting up extra chores. All they need to do is download the app and connect with the children via SMS or QR-code.

Learning for a richer life

Individual and global financial wealth starts with a good financial education. Based on scientific research, Gimi is designed to give children knowledge and the ability to make informed decisions throughout their whole lives.

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Proven teaching methods

Gimi was developed with the help of experts in child and youth psychology, personal finance and education, to help the next generation navigate all the financial challenges they will face during their lives.

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Smarter weekly and monthly pocket money

Forget about ATMs, use the app to keep track of how much your children's money.

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Easy & motivational chores

Schedule chores and let children suggest their own or send picture proof.

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Teach your children how to put money aside

Keep track of how much money your children have put aside and how far off they are from reaching their goals!

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Upgrade to Master

When you are ready you can upgrade to Gimi Master and the Gimi Card, a card for children and young people connected to the app.

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